Fund Raising For The All Hands On Braille Camp For Kids

by Jeffrey Stark

November 8th, 2013

I need your help. Help Support Blind Children's Literacy Fund Raising For The "All Hands On Braille Camp" for Kids Ages 8-12

Braille literacy for blind kids is at an all time low and kids in rural Ontario are particularly hit by this epidemic. Kids in rural areas of Ontario have less access to supports and instruction. Braille Literacy Canada (BLC), Citizens with DisabilitiesOntario (CWDO), the Alliance for Equality of Blind Canadians (AEBC) and CNIB is attempting to organise the first dedicated week long braille camp in Ontario, The All hands On Braille Camp is attempting to put a dent in this by offering a week long programming for blind kids available for kids across Canada which links them to braille mentors and peers who have committed to a year long exchange after the camp. If you can help with donations or know a company that would be willing to help sponsor this event, please get in contact with me by email at Charitable tax receipts can be issued to anyone or company who can donate. Literacy through Braille is the key to success If we do not equip our children with the tools to succeed we are setting them up for failure. We need to raise by January 2014 at a minimum 15k to get this camp off the ground and 30k to do it right. Any additional funding beyond the 30k will allow us to reduce the cost to participants and offer funding for under-privileged families.

You can find out more information about the camp in this flyer for the All Hands On Braille Camp

I have already myself put 5k forward to support this initiative, because I believe it is so important. Please spred the word and help any way you can.

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