Solution To Problems Installing Provide Feedback withSoundad-donfor Microsoft Office

by Jeffrey Stark

April 3rd, 2016

Like many people, I want sound feedback when using the Microsoft office suite so that I know that it is doing things.  However, during installation and configuration of the office suite on several computers I have ran into a problem where even though the office suite is installed, the installer for the navigation sounds does not appear to recognize it.


Here is the work-around to get it to install:

  1. Download the installer for navigation sounds for office on the Microsoft site here
  2. Run "Sounds.exe"
  3. Do not press OK when you hit the screen that says the error message "Setup has detected that you do not have an Office 2000 family product installed on this machine"
  4. Open Windows Explorer, and if you haven’t already, enable viewing of hidden files) 
  5. Find the USERS directory and the specific directory for the currently logged in user.  i.e. On my pc, the folder is C:\users\JeffreyD\
  6. Open the 'AppData' directory, then 'Local', then 'Temp'.
  7. Search through the temp folder for a folder that contains a file called "sounds.msi". 
  8. Once you've found "sounds.msi", double-click it to run it, and it will install the Office Sounds for you.

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