if we build it… will they come?

by Jeffrey Stark

March 8th, 2017

Hackathon Project …
So here is the question, if we build it… will they come?

In Canada, Is there a need for connecting people with disabilities willing to do user testing with people looking for user testing?  It is our thought that people would be more willing to do user testing if offered a small financial compensation for their time.   It is our thought that small, medium and non-profit organisations are generally lacking the connections or understanding to ensure that their sites are usable by people with disabilities.  If it were easy to request a group of people to try out some new prototype or system, would this encourage developers to test earlier in the process or integrate inclusive design principles earlier in the process.  Would this help people find problems earlier or easier?

What is being proposed is that during an upcoming Hackathon, that a system be developed similar in concept to: User Testing Dot Com

That Facilitates the interraction.  Gather people, tag their skills, competencies & technology usage.
Ensure french and english testers are identified.   Post projects or requests and have a pool of people be offered the testing.

This is a proposed project for Random Hacks of Kindness

Ottawa – March 24-26

RHK matches up organisations that have a social impact,
with skilled technologists who want to make a difference,
to develop open-source solutions to the challenges facing society



What do you think?


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