Sneak into websites where the developer is a browser snob

by Jeffrey Stark

July 16th, 2017

There are legitimate reasons to want to use a specific browser when browsing the web.  For example, certain screen readers work better with certain browsers.  Or commonly, the developer of a website uses a technique that isn't supported by the browser and adaptive technology combination in an accessible or usable way.  Funny enough, this doesn't mean you can't use the website or that you can't access it with another combination.  A good example of this is IFTTT's website.  The site filters out Internet Explorer 11 as a browser choice.   Actively blocking your use of the browser to access their site.  Their excuse is it's "not a modern browser".  However; they do not block Firefox v4 (an even older browser).  While there may be bugs with the site using IE, I haven't found any more bugs than the ones with other browsers. 

So, you can still use Internet Explorer 11 to access IFTTT by using an add-on to fool the site into thinking you are browsing the site with Firefox v4.  This sounds more complex then it actually is.


Below, I am going to be showing you how to do this with Internet Explorer using an add-on called UAPick; Also, note that other browsers have similar add-ons.

First, Download and install UAPick

After installation, go to the entry it has added on your tools menu in Internet Explorer called “Set UA String”.  Go there and it will pop up a screen to set the UA string.  The “template” combo box allows you to pick a template to use, select “Firefox v4 on Windows 7"”, hit tab and make sure you do not check the box labelled “Reuse this UA string for new windows” and tab to save.  At this point your current window will be set to seem like it’s Windows 7 running Firefox v4 to the websites you visit.  You can test this out by going to the website.

Also, any other site you visit while this tab is open will also think you are using Firefox v4.  As soon as you close the tab, the next time you open a page in Internet Explorer, you are back to the regular view until you follow the above procedure again.

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