Notes / Tweets From Lake Joe Technology Training 2012

by Jeffrey Stark

September 30th, 2012


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Lake Joe Technology Training

5 days of technology training, exploration & excitement at CNIB's beautiful and accessible Lake Joe facility

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RT @mcourcel: RT @mcourcel: A slightly edited tweet list of the Lake Joe Training. Enjoy! #ljt12…

29-Sep-12 21:28 | lordjeff

A slightly edited tweet list of the Lake Joe Training. Enjoy! #ljt12…

29-Sep-12 21:16 | mcourcel

@KarlenInfo: JAWS command for identifying Office Ribbon ToolTips is Shift + NumPad 5 – also works in dialogs #ljt12 – is r/tweet – wrong #

29-Sep-12 16:24 | KarlenInfo

was live from the saskatchewan pavillion #ljt12

29-Sep-12 00:27 | lordjeff

what happens when blind drunk on the last day after a week of serious stuff #ljt12

28-Sep-12 22:49 | lordjeff

The first five minutes are interesting The rest is pocket recording. #ljt12 via @audioboo

28-Sep-12 22:25 | mcourcel

Ich wuensche den Genossinnen aus Sachsen viel Spass beim #ljt12 Aus Gruenden der Lesbarkeit wird auf die männliche Form verzichtet

28-Sep-12 17:31 | ben_brusniak

@lordjeff How did that work! #ljt12

28-Sep-12 15:17 | 123dg

Thanks to the organizers, instructors, staff/volunteers & of course, @chinrz for a great @CNIB Technology Training Program this week. #ljt12

28-Sep-12 13:52 | Jennison

Loving the twitter training #LJT12 @lordjeff @mcourcel

27-Sep-12 23:59 | Chinrz

Got at least 20 people using The Qube tonight. Crazy stuff #ljt12

27-Sep-12 23:59 | mcourcel

cool; in our example for twitter we now have someone to block #ljt12

27-Sep-12 22:55 | lordjeff

In class being schooled about Twitter by @mcourcel #ljt12

27-Sep-12 22:53 | Jennison

bla bla bla. who the fuck cares? RT @lordjeff: To skip between groups, use Ctrl+LEFT or Ctrl+RIGHT. #ljt12

27-Sep-12 22:52 | lahellraiser

Doing a shortened version of Social Media. Talk about Facebook, Linkedin, signing up for Twitter and trying The Qube and EasyChirp #ljt12


to the first Ribbon tab use Ctrl+[. To jump to the last selected command use Ctrl+].take you into the ribbon #ljt12

27-Sep-12 19:32 | lordjeff

To skip between groups, use Ctrl+LEFT or Ctrl+RIGHT. #ljt12

27-Sep-12 19:32 | lordjeff

3. content #ljt12

27-Sep-12 19:29 | lordjeff

when logged in as admin or user/contributor will have quick launch #ljt12 #ljt12

27-Sep-12 19:28 | lordjeff

2. left of screen is navigation bar #ljt12

27-Sep-12 19:28 | lordjeff

3 parts to a sharepoint page, 1. ribbon, (sort of) but just links and buttons on the page


27-Sep-12 19:25 | lordjeff

"turn on more accessible mode" ctrl home, tab than enter #ljt12

27-Sep-12 18:46 | lordjeff

Sharepoint training #LJT12 @cnib is going great!

27-Sep-12 18:34 | Chinrz

large 2 small: library, list, document #ljt12

27-Sep-12 17:55 | lordjeff

object jeff has a property called height and the value is 6ft #ljt12

27-Sep-12 17:44 | lordjeff

@lordjeff Don't treat me like an object. I object. #ljt12

27-Sep-12 17:44 | mcourcel

i'm an object, eric is too… we are all objects with properties #ljt12

27-Sep-12 17:43 | lordjeff

largest to smallest: objects, properties & values #ljt12

27-Sep-12 17:41 | lordjeff

companies are using it for tons of things back and front office #ljt12

27-Sep-12 17:37 | lordjeff

replacing things like shared drives, email, list servers and contact pools #ljt12


Just used the up arrow with the word find command. Great tips to see your matches from #ljt12

27-Sep-12 16:41 | 123dg

PowerPoint done. Next up? Lunch… And then SharePoint Be still my beating heart. #ljt12

27-Sep-12 15:49 | mcourcel

To apply an animation on a place holder, press ALT+A, s. Choose animation and press ENTER #ljt12

27-Sep-12 15:46 | mcourcel

alt k to get to the transitions ribbon #ljt12

27-Sep-12 15:37 | lordjeff

switch through & apply them without worrying about losing content as it only changes the look #ljt12

27-Sep-12 15:25 | lordjeff

themes apply themselves to all slides #ljt12

27-Sep-12 15:14 | lordjeff

alt g, h for themes and down arrow than right arrow to have a look at theme #ljt12

27-Sep-12 15:12 | lordjeff

now on to coloring and making the powerpoint pretty #ljt12

27-Sep-12 15:09 | lordjeff

ctrl shift N to read notes when in slide show mode #ljt12

27-Sep-12 15:03 | lordjeff

While in slideview, advance slide by slide by pressing spacebar. Pull up a list by pressing CONTROL+S #ljt12

27-Sep-12 14:50 | mcourcel

In PowerPoint, Go into slideview by pressing f5 #ljt12

27-Sep-12 14:49 | mcourcel

in win7 win+up arrow to maximize the current app/window (question from someone who's powerpoint opened up as a small window) #ljt12

27-Sep-12 14:35 | lordjeff

@lordjeff Never done that. always work in PowerPoint directly. Accept for notes as couldn't read them with later versions of Jaws. #ljt12

27-Sep-12 14:32 | 123dg

@mcourcel Holding my breath. <grin> #ljt12

27-Sep-12 14:28 | 123dg



@123dg Hold on. You eager beaver. #ljt12




@mcourcel Now this is handy #ljt12

27-Sep-12 13:42 | 123dg

@mcourcel Are you saying to actually create presentation in word? #ljt12

27-Sep-12 13:42 | 123dg

@lordjeff yes I discovered that issue but thanks to you now have a solution. #ljt12

27-Sep-12 13:41 | 123dg

Screwed up your slide sequence? No problem. Press ALT+V, i, to access the slide sorter. Use left and right arrows to navigate. #ljt12

27-Sep-12 13:37 | mcourcel

Use TAB and SHIFT+TAB to move through objects on a slide. Press ENTER to edit. Press ESCAPE when done #ljt12

27-Sep-12 13:29 | mcourcel

pgup/dn to move from slide to slide #ljt12

27-Sep-12 13:29 | lordjeff

notes area in powerpoint doesn't work right with jaws so work in word and paste into notes for updates #ljt12

27-Sep-12 13:20 | lordjeff

For PowerPoint Presentation, Within Word, Heading level 1 is for slide titles, while level 2 is for bulleted points. #ljt12

27-Sep-12 13:05 | mcourcel aerofs #ljt12

27-Sep-12 13:05 | lordjeff

Launch quick access toolbar commands by pressing ALT+number. #ljt12

27-Sep-12 12:56 | mcourcel

Easily find the quick access toolbar in Word by pressing ALT and then up arrow. Left and right arrow to navigate commands. #ljt12

27-Sep-12 12:47 | mcourcel

@lordjeff Wow. You were right. lol #ljt12

27-Sep-12 12:39 | mcourcel

don't forget to give Ryan the email address you linked your dropbox account to, so we can get u on the CNIB training shared drive #ljt12

27-Sep-12 12:36 | lordjeff

btw: if u are at #ljt12 & want an aerofs invite just let me know

27-Sep-12 12:35 | lordjeff

@mcourcel kind of neat that we are creating powerpoints in word and sending them to powerpoint eh? #ljt12

27-Sep-12 12:34 | lordjeff


To maximize GMail accessibility, click on the basic HTML link at the top of the page. #ljt12

26-Sep-12 23:26 | mcourcel

You can bypass the audio captcha in gmail by opting for the automated voiceCall. It calls you instantly. with verification code. #ljt12

26-Sep-12 23:17 | mcourcel

Setting up GMail, and Dropbox for colaborative work later on #ljt12

26-Sep-12 23:01 | mcourcel #ljt12

26-Sep-12 22:35 | lordjeff

next up … online services google, dropbox, youtube #ljt12 finding, accessing & using information

26-Sep-12 22:21 | lordjeff

RT @lordjeff: RT @lordjeff: alt h, r, e to adjust the reminder for a calendar event when the event is opened #ljt12

26-Sep-12 20:24 | 123dg


RT @lordjeff: RT @lordjeff: 1. Blind Square

1.       LookTel Money Reader

2.       VizWiz

3.       SayText

a#uljtto1 2preview on/off alt v, v, alt o, alt m (all msgs) or alt u (preview unread) #ljt12 #ljt12

26-Sep-12 19:58 | mtonykurian

26-Sep-12 19:58 | lordjeff

Karen likes her contact view in default; I like mine in phone list view #ljt12

26-Sep-12 19:49 | lordjeff

activity is based on info in contact card under contacts #ljt12

26-Sep-12 19:45 | lordjeff

alt h, a, z … show all activities from someone #ljt12

26-Sep-12 19:40 | lordjeff

alt h, r, e to adjust the reminder for a calendar event when the event is opened #ljt12

26-Sep-12 18:44 | lordjeff

changing calendar view to list, alt v, tab, space, right until you hear list, hit enter #ljt12

26-Sep-12 18:31 | lordjeff

huge sigh of relief from audience when told all standard keyboard commands (i.e. F9, ctrl N) still work #ljt12

26-Sep-12 18:11 | lordjeff

disabling the "today" screen in outlook #ljt12  

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